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Professional Siding Contractors

You can rely on Sure Guard Construction as trusted siding contractors for over 40 years. We can side your home, commercial building, apartment complex or multi family unit with great attention to detail and excellence.  There’s no job to small since our goal is to innovate solutions before a problem exists.  From our high back ACA (4” minimum tall) flashings, to our flawless installation, we focus on giving a final product that will stand the test of time with installation techniques and tools that are industry leading and we aim to do it in less time than our competition.

Sure Guard Construction not only implements the best installation techniques and best practice for siding contractors but also offers free design consultations and can show you what your house will look like before the work is done. We use commercial grade flashings even on residences to insure that your house will be leak free for life.

We give every house that we re-side our Sure Shield certificate so that you can know we will stand behind every re-side we perform. Our customers experience Sure Guard as a professional contractor that keeps the site clean and keeps them informed along the way.

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Our Process

Sure Guard Construction offers free in home consultations and inspections to help you discover problems that may currently be there or prevent problems from forming. For most home owners, their house is their greatest investment and our goal is to help you protect your greatest investment.

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Hardy Fiber Cement Siding

James Hardy Fiber Cement siding offers a 25-year manufactures warranty. It doesn’t expand or contract like most other siding since once painted or pre-painted (color plus siding) Hardy siding will hold paint much longer and looks better longer than other siding.

Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is a timeless option that can be stained or painted and if coated on all sides can be a good option to make your house stand out from the rest. Although more expensive that many other options, it is a natural product and give the character that synthetic siding options won’t provide. With many patterns, styles, and different wood options, the choices can become limitless and our siding contractors will install it properly on time and on budget.

Stucco Siding

Although older stucco systems would crack and the flashings would often rust, with the new PVC flashings, rain screen systems, and premium stucco mixes, cracking won’t happen and this siding option will stand the test of time. Although this is one of the most expensive siding options, there is no other siding option that can give this look.

Metal Siding

There are many options for metal siding, whether corrugated which is used for both roofing and siding, or flat siding options. This can be a cost effective and long term solution for your home. It is specifically used for modern and contemporary design; these products come in wide array of colors.

Cultured Stone

Cultured stones have been used to replace real stone due to cost and weight advantages. Although cultured stone is a man made product, with technology available today it is almost impossible to tell the difference from real stone and the cost is far less. If installed over a rain screen system, lath screen and exterior mortar, this option will outlast most other options and give your house the rich look it deserves.


Brick has been used on exterior and interior design for centuries now. It not only withstands the elements, it also gives your home a timeless look and appeal. With many different shapes, colors, and even sizes, this can be a great option for any residential or commercial property. It is comparable in cost to cultured stone.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has failed many times over the years due to improper installation and not following manufacturer guidelines. You can rely on Sure Guard Construction to install premium vinyl siding in a way that will not only look good but last a long time.

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