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Construction & Development

Sure Guard has built many custom residential homes with full lot development, multi-family projects, and additional dwelling units (ADU). We work with designers, architects, and engineers to build your project to exact standards.

We Keep Tight Timelines

Maintaining tight timelines by use of Gantt charts and integrated software. This means your project will be completed in a timely manner while staying on budget throughout the duration of the project. Each phase has its own deadline and specific goals for your peace of mind. We keep detailed records throughout the project to make sure we get every detail done on time.

Technology is changing the world, and the construction industry is no exception. We have the privilege of using the latest software to make sure that time is tracked and logged properly. It helps us manage your project more efficiently, and it’s easier to pull up things like timesheets with integrated software.

On the more traditional side of things, Gantt charts have been in use since the early 20th century. They show the relationship of the anticipated completion time to the current activities involved with the project. Using these charts, we are better able to make estimates on the timeline for completion for each phase of the project. With the use of these charts, the overall project runs much smoother, and gets your job done on time!

Sure Guard Construction Services 650×360
Construction Services Sure Guard Contractor 650×360

We Purchase Direct

Sure Guard Construction is large enough to be able to buy direct which saves you money. As dealers we have the ability to save our customers money on many levels. We are passionate about saving our customers money. One of our main focuses is buying direct from the supplier. As dealers, we can give you a better rate on construction materials.

This method of purchasing means that you don’t have to pay more for things like lumber and nails, which can add up to several thousand dollars in added fees over time. With the number of projects we do, it makes sense for us to buy using a dealership account. You also save a bundle on the rarer purchases like bathtubs, brackets, and toilets when you buy materials through us.

We are proud to save our customers a ton of money and time that they might otherwise be spending shopping for materials when we buy in bulk. We don’t think you should have to pay extra money for materials when you commit to large projects.

Commercial Construction
Construction Services Installer Sure Guard 650×360

We Focus On Waterproofing

In Everything Sure Guard Construction does we keep a sharp focus on engineered waterproof solutions. One of the major reasons some buildings need repair more often than others is water damage. Our company cares about reducing your building maintenance costs. We put an emphasis on using engineered waterproof solutions for each and every job.

These solutions are an important investment, and we proudly stake our reputation on the long-term quality of our buildings. Alaska in particular has a lot of precipitation, and spring breakup alone can bring a lot of moisture into a building’s exterior or its foundation.

Waterproofing is different for each layer of the home, from the foundation to the interior. While every product may not be familiar to you, most people are aware of waterproof hardwood flooring. If a product like this interests you, please let your project manager know so that we can accomodate.

Construction Services Sure Guard 650×360
Commercial Construction Services Sure Guard 650×360

We Strive For Excellence

We take pride in providing excellence in every area and phase of the job from design to implementation. We work hard to make your dreams a reality and our pride and joy is a job well done. We pay careful attention to every aspect of your building project. From design to the very last finish nail, we want your building to have the best form and function.

We encourage our customers to share their ideas with us as we work through your project. From the first architectural draft to the final trim purchase, we want you to see your vision come to life with our builds.

Whether you sketch your own ideas or work off of magazines, our lines of communication are open. We want to know what excites you about each building so that we can make it a priority. We work with all kinds of budgets and will make sure that you have options.

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