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Residential House Painter & Commercial Painting Contractor

When it comes to a house painter for a residential home, multi-family project, or commercial development, Sure Guard Construction focuses first on quality pre work; from priming and sanding existing products to changing out rotted and damaged products or to sandblasting a surface, Sure Guard has your bases covered. 

The next step in painting is using quality primers that adhere to the paint specifications and the products to be painted. For example, if we are painting an aluminum product, we have to use an etching primer that bonds to the surface and is approved for the paint to be used.

Another component of a quality paint job is safety and protecting the landscape around; many contractors forget how dangerous ladders can be and many times when a contractor leaves a job site the landscaping is destroyed creating more cost and head ache for the client. We mask off hard surfaces like decks and concrete, we will include containment masking for interior work and cover your landscaping so we don’t, “paint your roses red”

We stay up to current trends and best practices regarding safety as well and carry the best insurances so that we minimize injury, maximize productivity, and keep the liability on our company and minimize liability to our customers.

Finally, when it comes to house painting, we use the proper nozzles and air pressure for the product being sprayed and use both spraying and brush/roll on techniques to adhere to manufacturer specifications and current best practices. A high quality paint sprayed on too thin will not stand the test of elements and time. Therefore we not only look at using the best products for the job but also correct mils and thickness for the product being used. Our last considerations are the temperature in which the paint is being sprayed and the humidity. Because residential painting, commercial painting, and multi-family painting, are not in a controlled environment, you can trust our house painter team to take all of these things into consideration when painting. If your looking for a professional and quality paint contractor look no further.

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Residential House Painters

As a residential paint contractor, Sure Guard will take into account your wants, your needs, and what will stand the test of time in our free in home consultation. We look at how long our customers plan to be at the residence, how quickly they need the work done, and what their budget is to help them make the best decision possible.

Commercial Painter

As a commercial and multi-family paint contractor, Sure Guard will follow the design and materials set for by architects or can help architect a quality solution for your project. On multi-family paint contracting it is important to take into consideration the traffic of the renters or guests, using moveable and re-movable masking methods or communicating with these tenants in a professional manner. The clients we’ve worked for in the past have experienced Sure Guard as a very professional, on time, clean and courteous paint contractor.

Professional Painting Contractor Sure Guard 650×360
Stucco Home Painting Sure Guard 650×360

Specialized Coatings

As a service partner for many manufacturers like Milgard Windows and Doors, Sure Guard handles many unique special coatings to ensure lifetime performance. We paint vinyl windows and doors, fiberglass windows and doors, aluminum windows and doors, aluminum railings, composite railing systems, as well as metal siding and roofing and much more.

Metal roofs often begin showing signs of rust or severe fading within 20 years of being installed and Sure Guard Construction has partnered with specialized coting manufacturers such as Kyner to bring your roof back to life and maintain it’s durability.

In the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s many homes were built with vinyl siding or aluminum siding. As a painting contractor, Sure Guard Construction has specialized heat reduction coatings for these surfaces. Why not give your residence, commercial project, office building, or multi-family project a makeover today? Like clothing on a person, paint on a place is one of the first things people see and so whether you want to revitalize a place you own or give it a facelift before you sell give us a call today.

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