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Patio Covers / Entry Covers

Sure Guard Construction can handle everything from planning, permitting, to design and build on an entryway cover or patio cover. if you can dream it we can design it using the highest quality materials but also taking into account money saving ptions while decreasing cost and increasing the value of your residence. When it comes to patios, Sure Guard has you covered; we’ve built over a thousand patio convers and have the experience to give you want you want at a price you can afford.

Entry covers not only add great design but functionality to your how as well. Current trends have shown that outdoor living is at an all time high and so whether it’s protecting you from the heat of the sun or keeping the rain off, you can rely on our team. Many people want outdoor kitchens and fire pits as well and we can help with that too.

Outdoor Living Construction Sure Guard 650×360
Outdoor Living Contractor Sure Guard 650×360

Custom Concrete

Whether you need a driveway replaced, a walkway, or want to add value to your home by doing a custom concrete patio, we can help. Old driveways often have cracks and vegetation growing through them due to a lack of care in prep work or materials like rebar being used for strength. It all starts with prep work, where we can excavate, bring in gravel, compact the gravel, and tie in to structures like a foundation to ensure strength and longevity.

Our team focuses on design and we offer many techniques, concrete mixes, or products to fit your design needs. Finally as the concrete is setting, Sure Guard puts in control joints so that when cracking might occur, it will happen in a joint and not across the surface.

We have many styles available including the examples below.

  • Sanded Finish
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Exposed Aggregate

Quality Decks

Whether you want a deck off of a second or third story that covers the area below (dry deck or westcoat ALX) or you want a first story deck, we can help you determine the best products and installation techniques available.

Sure Guard can even turn your existing roof into a deck with a view!

  • Composite Decking
  • Westcoat ALX Decking
  • PVC Decking
  • Hardwood Decking
  • Cedar Decking
  • Outdoor Wood Decking
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