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Foggy Window Repair

Any dual pane or triple pane windows will lose the clear gas (causing foggy windows) between the glass panes over time and most homeowners are told they have to replace the entire window, but that isn’t correct. Sure Guard Construction is able to order factory dual and triple pane glass (IG Units) directly from the manufacturer and install new glass in the same window frame.

Not only will this save time, but it will also save significant money over full window replacement. Sure Guard Construction has performed foggy window replacement for realtors, home owners, businesses and even apartment complexes. Whether your foggy window replacement project has one window or one thousand windows you can trust Sure Guard Construction with your window replacement needs.

Leaky Window Repair

Many windows whether vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, or wood can begin leaking over time; sometimes this is due to water penetrating around the window due to incorrect flashings or installation methods, but sometimes its the window itself.

Window Repair Sure Guard Construction 650×360
Window Repair Contractor Sure Guard Construction 650×360

Leaky Window Due to Improper Flashing:

Many times when windows are originally installed or replaced, contractors don’t use correct hard flashings and rely on caulking to keep water out. Sure Guard Construction consultants are able to detect these issues and give our customers solutions to prevent future leaks.  Through the use of infrared technology Sure Guard can also find out if theres damage to studs or headers and take care of that as well.

Leaky Windows Due To Improper Installation:

Even if a window is properly flashed on the top, many contractors don’t know how to properly install windows with flexible membrane flashing that keep water from penetrating. Based on where the water is coming in and our use of infrared technology sure guard Construction is able to correct these issues without having to replace your entire window.

Leaky Windows Due To Manufacture Issues:

Sure Guard Construction works with many manufactures to source parts for leaky windows and has the ability to reglaze (remove the glass from the window frames and reseal it) to prevent your windows from leaking again. Some windows types for example wood, sometimes need maintenance (resealing etc) and so whatever the issue may be, Sure Guard Construction has you covered.

Broken Glass Repair

Over time due to expansion and contraction of window frames or objects like golf balls, windows can break and need replacement. Sure Guard Construction is able to source glass directly from the manufacturers and replace your broken glass quickly and affordably. Whether the broken window is a single pane with complex woodwork, or a dual or triple pane set in vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum, you can trust Sure Guard with your broken window replacement needs.

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